About Us

Helping our clients achieve their objectives
through the power of live events

A full-service live events agency

Bringing brands and messages to life

Whatever the nature of your business, however straightforward or complex your objectives, from brief to event delivery, we have a proven track record in helping our clients achieve great results.

So, if you want an attention-grabbing event identity, event design and visualisation, creative content, event management, technical event production, venue sourcing and logistical support, we’ll sort it.

Our Story

Established in 2006, co-founders Tim Ball & Alex Pearn have created a vibrant environment for our growing team of event professionals to thrive.

To date, we have delivered events across 27 countries, worked on global sporting events, international summits, launched products across numerous territories, communicated to dealer networks, motivated and inspired workforces, provided organisations with platforms to engage and brought brands to life.

ClinkClink is now recognised as one of the top event agencies in the UK.

Our Mission

“Events Managed Brilliantly”

What does this mean?

It means offering our clients the very best insight and advice. Providing them with creative, original and sustainable event ideas that can actually be delivered with realistic budgets.

It means building long lasting, trusted relationships with clients and suppliers alike. Ensuring that every stage of the event journey is meticulously thought through and is a positive experience for everyone involved.

It ultimately means, that our events are delivered to the highest standard and achieve their desired outcomes.

After all, we are here to make our clients look great!

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