Abu Dhabi 2019 Sustainability Week Opening Ceremony and ADSW Awards

Abu Dhabi
Sustainability Week

Opening a truly international event – making an impact on the world stage

With 3,500 guests including HRH Ruler of Dubai, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, VIPs, Business leaders, NGOs and government ministers, the 2019 Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week was a truly international affair. 

Held at the world renowned ADNEC venue in Abu Dhabi, the event was also streamed to over 20,000 people online.

Our approach to the event was as ever…a calm one.  With more than six months of planning, working in partnership with creative agency One CMG, we brought together a production like no other. Moving LED screens, lighting, multiple languages, stage management, catering, video production, live streaming – this show was huge.

Highlights included 15 award presentations, the special Olympics team singing the National Anthem and the production of a one-off interactive dance performance from the winners of Italy’s got Talent. 

All that in just under 90 minutes.

“We were thrilled with impact we made with this event – taking the important message of sustainability to an international audience. ClinkClink managed us and managed the show brilliantly. With such detailed planning we had full confidence in them on the day,”

the scenes

This was an event at scale.  We brought in more than 25 truckloads of equipment and countless miles of cabling to control over 500 lighting fixtures and 40 tons of moving LED screens.  With a crew of 70, we were focused on planning, checking and re-checking every detail. 

Our design team produced not only the visuals for the show, but also full technical drawings for the venue and build specifications for the set. This meant we had a blueprint which we could all work from – an essential guide for the build.

We met some incredible people on this project doing some fantastic work. It was our job to make sure each one was in the right place at the right time. The VIP’s, professional dancers and school children kept our stage management team on their toes and thinking on their feet! 

We’ll never forget this event. And for all the right reasons.

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