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Herman Miller marks 25 years of iconic chair with pop-up
Aeron Hockey championship

The global Aeron Hockey sensation – where players take to the iconic Herman Miller chairs to battle it out on the hockey pitch – came to Clerkenwell Design Week for the first time to celebrate 25 years since the chair’s launch. The pop-up installation at North London’s Brewhouse Yard pitched reds against blues as teams from across the capital battled it out to become top of the pucks!

Beginners through to chair hockey pros, were welcomed to the three-day rolling tournament and spectators flocked to the pitch side from across Clerkenwell Design Week’s packed programme.

Herman Miller’s celebration of the Aeron became the talk of the town, both on and offline, with images and video of this very different design installation shared widely across social media.

Fireside Films

“Pop-up Aeron Hockey was always going to bring its challenges but working with ClinkClink, we not only pulled it off but made it the highlight of the festival.”

The Scenes

The Aeron Hockey pop-up took just under three months of planning. Working together with Herman Miller, the Clerkenwell Design Week team, landowners and local residents, we navigated a host of logistical challenges to bring the project to life.

Firstly, we needed to work within the parameters set by the venue, making sure that the installation met the needs and requirements at Brewhouse Yard. Next, the mobile, pop-up hockey pitch had to be customised to fit the allocated space – this meant a new roof and floor system built to spec. We pre-built off site, then transferred the new, bespoke pitch to the venue. In just a day and half, we were set up and good to go.

Our own team of six managed the pop-up over the three days, organising players, refereeing the games and keeping those Aerons rolling. Crucially, we captured spectator data and insights for the client to feed back into their campaign.

The buzz created by the tournament and the engagement on social media surpassed all our expectations and was the hit of Clerkenwell Design Week.

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